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Impact of activity and rotation on the sound speed and diameter of the Sun






Solar diameter, irradiance and activity
Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)Sébastien Couvidat (2), Vincent Duez, Stephane Mathis, Laurent Piau
Institution(s) supplémentaire(s)(2) HEPL, Stanford University USA


It is important to begin to investigate how we can reconnect the internal dynamics to the external manifestation of activity along time.
In this work we investigate how the young activity of the Sun modifies its present observations through mass loss, magnetism and rotation.
We deduce also how the internal dynamics even in its radiative zone modifies the solar surface and in particular its deformations at the surface.

These predictions will contribute to the interpretation of PICARD measurements at the limb and will already be compared to the present observations, coming mainly from SoHO or from balloon.

Turck-Chieze, Couvidat, Piau, 2010, ApJ submitted
Duez, Mathis, Turck-Chieze, 2010, MNRAS
Duez, Turck-Chieze, Mathis, 2010, in preparation
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