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HMI Ring-Diagram Analysis. I. First Results


Bogart Richard


Stanford University


Local helioseismology
Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)M.C.Rabello-Soares (1), C Baldner (2), S. Basu (2), D.A. Haber (3), W. Allen (4), O. Burtseva (4), I. González-Hernández (4), F. Hill (4), R. Howe (4), K. Jain (4), R.W. Komm (4), S. Tripathy (4)
Institution(s) supplémentaire(s)(1) Stanford University; (2) Yale University; (3) JILA, University of Colorado; (4) National Solar Observatory


The HMI ring-diagrams pipeline for synoptic sub-surface mapping (described in Paper II) has been running since the first test data of even limited continuity became available. Initial results have permitted us to compare the HMI instrumental data with those from MDI and GONG for purposes of cross-calibration. They have also begun to extend our knowledge of the flows and thermal structures inferred through ring-diagram analysis to greater depths, finer scales, and closer to the limb than has been possible before. HMI observations will also allow us to perform regular ring-diagram analysis of photometric as well as Doppler data. Here we present an overview of the early findings, with reference to the many more detailed results being presented in other papers.
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