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Convection in the Superadiabatic Layer of Stars


Tanner Joel


Yale University


Convection, dynamo and flows
Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)Sarbani Basu, Pierre Demarque and Frank Robinson


We perform 3D radiative hydrodynamic simulations to study the properties of convection in the superadiabatic layer of stars. The simulations show differences in both the stratification and turbulent quantities for different types of stars. We extract turbulent pressure and eddy sizes, as well as the $T$-$tau$ relation for different stars and find that they are sensitive to the energy flux and gravity. We also show that contrary to what is usually assumed in the field of stellar atmospheres, the structure and gas dynamics of a turbulent atmosphere cannot be parameterized with $T_{rm eff}$ and $log(g)$ alone.
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