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HMI Global Helioseismology Data Analysis Pipeline


Larson Timothy


Stanford University


First results from new space missions
Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)Schou, Jesper


The HMI global helioseismology data analysis pipeline is based largely on the MDI medium-l program. All of the modules that ran in the SOI Science Support Center have been ported for use in the SDO Joint Science Operations Center (JSOC) and given greater functionality. Many errors and approximations which are present in the standard MDI pipeline have been corrected and improvements have been added. Scripts have been written to automate the submission of compute jobs to our local cluster; it is now possible to go from dopplergrams to mode parameters with the push of
a button. JSOC dataseries have been created to hold all intermediate data products, timeseries, window functions, and mode parameters. In this poster
we discuss the operation of the pipeline, the structure of the data it generates, and access to the same. This work has been supported by NASA
contract NAS5-02139.
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